Studio-boutique "PAPILLON -", a magical home OF creation in "papier mâché ", was founded in 2011 by the VISUAL DESIGNER Renia Gavriel-Baron.

The studio is located in the center of Ramat Aviv, Tel – Aviv. It is a stimulating hothouse that inspires creative work in papier mâché. On a day-to-day basis the Studio hosts children and adults for courses, classes and workshops, along with the sale of unique and beautiful items. The colorful studio believes in safeguarding the environment, therefore the studio’s operation itself is based on using recycled and eco-friendly materials with emphasis on a unique design for each participant. The leading motto is: "everyone can", you can either join a single workshop, a course of several meetings, or an ongoing activity as well as a private workshop.

All activities at the studio are accompanied by personal and professional training, in an intimate group, after choosing an individual work = your project, from your imagination or inspiration from books (that can also be found in the studio), advancing at a pace adapted to each participant, all in a supportive and warm atmosphere, allowing anyone to find a way for creative expression, while disconnecting from the world for a few hours. With the guidance of Renia, yesterday’s newspapers are transformed by the students into original and aesthetic works. All creations, starting from products for daily use up to decorative gifts and colorful human-size sculptures, are hand-crafted from top to bottom, including building, modeling and painting skills. Courses at Studio "PAPILLON" are held on a day-to-day basis: courses for adults, children's classes, workshops and various "Open Studio" days for children.

Courses for adults:

The bASIC course includes 4 meetings of 2.5 hour sessions each, in which you will learn the basic skills of design and creating with "papier mâché"
Meetings for advanced students are held onCE A WEEK.
Annual courses are held once a week, for children from grade 1 for designing and creating with papier mâché and recycled materials, including enrichment classes in art, with an emphasis on success and strengthening self-confidence and technical skills.
Single workshops of fun for adults and "Open Studio" for children

"everyone can do it"

You can join ongoing workshops held at the studio or arrange for a private workshop, as well as hold birthday workshops, or special adult and child, family workshops, women’s workshops and many more…

More details available at the studio: 054 - 4533624